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Developing ‘thinking skills’ so you can tackle any type of exam question

How do you know that you are using the best study techniques for your child?

You'll be amazed at how much faster you can upgrade progress by simply accurately identifying learning styles which unlocks crucial 'thinking skills'.

11+ Entrance Exams, GCSE English, Vocabulary

Overcoming challenges with stretching vocabulary

When you look for ideas to stretch vocabulary, reading is the most popular piece of advice.

But, what if it is a constant battle trying to get your child to read? Or, what if you read but the words just aren't sticking?

Read this to get a range of other ideas you can try. You might even have some fun!

Advice for parents/guardians/educators, Reading

Reading Intervention: Strategies to help children become fluent readers

When children struggle to read, it is instinctive to keep at it with constant practise.

However, this doesn't always work or yields slow progress.

Here, I share some techniques that I have tried, many of which have worked almost instantly.

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GCSE English (2 x Video Lessons): Unseen Poetry Walkthrough

Here is a two-part video series walking you through the Unseen Poetry section of AQA Literature Paper 2.

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to take some notes. If you fancy the challenge, pause my videos and have a go at following the steps with me!